b'NEWIce BootsPLAY TO WIN PLAY TO WINCeramic absorbs the horses own body heat thenMakes icing a horses legs for injury emits far infrared rays back into the body to increaseor recovery a fast, easy processcirculation, bringing immune cells and oxygen toRemovable incapsulated gel ice pack affected areas and decreasing in ammation attaches to the shell with hook-and-loop strips for easy applicationCeramic Sheet Neoprene shell acts as an insulator to keep the ice pack coldCeramic-infused threads in theSet of 2mesh fabric help ease in ammation caused by injury or daily riding Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-LargeProvides a simple, hands-free form ofCEIBICE BOOTStherapy to help your horse recover$98.99Adjustable nylon leg straps, crossoverCEIBIREPLACEMENT INSERTSadjustable belly straps and stainless $39.99steel closures allow a customizedtSizes: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-LargeMCSHEETH STANDING WRAP BANDAGEStanding Wrap Bandage$199.99Ceramic Wraps Tough, stain resistant bandage material for securing quilted standing wrapsCeramic lining re ects the horses own bodyEasy to apply and remove, with large heat to promote thermal infrared therapy hook-and-loop fasteners for securetNeoprene shell is secured withMinimal stretch helps to apply even pressurehook-and-loop straps Set of 4Use in the trailer or the stall Size: 5-1/2 wide x 12 longSet of 2CESWB154$29.99Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-LargeCECWCERAMIC WRAPSQuilted Standing Wrap$129.99CECWIREPLACEMENT INSERTS Provides compression to help$49.99 prevent in ammationComfortable, durable quilting is padded to provide even pressureBound edges keep out dirt and debrisBlack color looks cleaner and showsQUILTED STANDING WRAPfewer stains than lighter wrapsSet of 4 (2 front, 2 hind) STANDING WRAP BANDAGE WITHSTUD BREEDING BOOTSQuick Wraps CEQSW154$39.99 QUILTED STANDING WRAPTHERAPY THERAPYApply muds, sweats or liniments to your horses legs quicker and easier Stud Breeding BootsNeoprene shell is secured withMade of durable, textured neoprene hook-and-loop straps exclusively for stallionsRemovable terry towel lining isInternal padding protects the inside of the knee 102 soft and easy to clean from wear and tear while jumping the dummy 103Compatible with your own muds and liniments Top two straps made longer for extended Set of 2t around the joint with three shorter Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large straps extending to the bottomCEQWQUICK WRAPS Size: Standard $59.99 BREEDINGBOOTS$99.99CEQWIREPLACEMENT INSERTS$19.99'