b'UltraFountPLAY TO WIN PLAY TO WINStainless SteelInsulatedAutomaticPremier, energy ef cient heating systemProvides worry free fresh water year round, regardless of climateHeavy duty construction and stainless steel drinking areaImproving the quality of water is a simple way toa line of automatic water systems designed for horses.Virtually maintenance freeoat promote the health and performance of your horses.Classic Equine by Ritchie founts provide clean, fresh,with quick re ll functionLarge access panel for installationClassic Equine is a leader in providing thenesttemperate water for any situation. Whether you need Saves water by cutting wasteprotection and performance products for your horses.water in a stall for one horse, two in the back yard, or10 year warrantyRitchie has been providing innovative watering40 head in the pasture, Classic Equine provides troubleTwo Drinksolutions for nearly a century. We teamed up to createfree, worry free access to the best water available. Waters up to 40 head of livestockFOUNTULTRA$1,169.99 StallFountIndividualAutomatic water fountain for stallsSupplies fresh, clean, temperate waterEasy to drain and cleanCorner mounted to save spaceStainless steel cover and hardwareQuick re ll function - no waiting for water10 year warranty UNHEATED Single DrinkFOUNTSTALLNOHEAT $709.99 Waters up to 20 head of livestock FOUNTULTRASINGLE120V thermostat-activated heater $969.99 AUTOMATIC WATERERS AUTOMATIC WATERERSElectrical components UL tested and approvedFOUNTSTALLHEATHEATED$859.99 FountShroudDurable, fully insulated casing designed to protect the water line below your StallFount from freezing and animal abuseEight anchor bolts for secure installationRemovable panel for easy accessAvailable in 20 height for smaller animals or 30 for horses over 15 hands104 Full 10 year warranty 105FOUNTSHROUD3030$130.99FOUNTSHROUD2020$125.99SHROUD 30 SHROUD 20 STALLFOUNT'