b'Diamond Long Shank II Diamond Long ShankPLAY TO WIN PLAY TO WINThis is a bit with a longer shank, so it willThis is a bit with a longer shank, so it will give give you more leverage to maintain rateyou more leverage to maintain rate and body and body position in turns with speed. It isposition in turns with speed. 7-1/2 shank.identical to the original Diamond Long Shank, but with a limited gag for horses that do notBrowned Ironneed the extra collection. 7-1/2 shank. BBIT3LSG $98.99Browned IronBBIT3LS G. BBIT3LSG22SSTWISTED WIRE DOGBONE $98.99 H. BBIT3LSG21SSTWISTED WIRE SNAFFLEI. BBIT3LSG30SICHAINA. BBIT3LS22SSTWISTED WIRE DOGBONE J. BBIT3LSG33SSO RING SQUARE SNAFFLEB. BBIT3LS24SSSMALL TWISTED WIRE DOGBONE K. BBIT3LSG24SSSMALL TWISTED WIRE DOGBONEStainless Steel Stainless Steel G H IA B C BBIT4LS BBIT4LSG$87.99 $87.99C. BBIT4LS22SSTWISTED WIRE DOGBONE L. BBIT4LSG22SSTWISTED WIRE DOGBONEM. BBIT4LSG21SSTWISTED WIRE SNAFFLEN. BBIT4LSG24SSSMALL TWISTED WIRE DOGBONEJ K L M NDiamond Dee RingThis bit is designed to help soften your horses mouth and build sensitivity. Use it to softennished horses and start colts.Browned IronBBIT3DDR $98.99D. BBIT3DDR25SSSMOOTH SNAFFLEBARREL BITS BARREL BITSE. BBIT3DDR29SSSQUARE SNAFFLE Diamond Draw OStainless SteelBBIT4DDR The Diamond Draw provides rate,ex, and lift.$65.99 The weighted rings allow quicker release of pressure and amplify the feel to horse and rider. F. BBIT4DDR29SSSQUARE SNAFFLE Copper wrapped o-ring mouthpiece encourages salivation and acceptance. The harness headstall has durable cord cheeks for smooth pickup 110 and release with additional poll pressure. 111D E F Browned IronHBDDB3$149.99 O. HBDDB323COPPER O RING'