b'Turbo CollectionPLAY TO WIN PLAY TO WIN7-3/4" Shank PortedShank Level 2: 7-3/4Mouthpiece Level 2: Loose port snaf e, designed Les Vogt is a 15-time world championfor pressure points on the outer mouth bar areashorseman who has been honored in theGag Length: 1-1/2NRCHA hall of fame three times. He isThe tool that creates smooth lateral neck and hip control without creating fear in known as The Trainers Trainer, sharingintermediate and advanced horses. Limited his knowledge by giving clinics worldwide.gag slide action with higher leverage encourages rate, respect, and collection.C. LVBB9$79.996-1/2" Shank SnaeShank Level 2: 6-1/2Mouthpiece Level 1: Snaf eGag Length: UnlimitedC DLower leverage helps make your horse more user friendly. Specially designed for soft-mouthed horses that need front end elevation. Great tool for collection education and maintenance.D. LVBB10$79.997-1/2" Shank Dogbone SnaeShank Level 3: 7-1/2Mouthpiece Level 3: 1/4 square with copper rollerTurbo Collection Gag Length: UnlimitedSatin- nished tempered steel shanksThis bit gives you respect without fear, with the unlimited gag slide action and and pinchless sweet iron mouthpieces.medium-high lift leverage. Allows speed Calculated shanks and the pre-signalcontrol, rate and lateral body control.gag design keep horses responsive. E. LVBB11$79.99A B 5-1/2" Shank Snae 8-1/2" Shank Ported E FShank Level 1: 5-1/2LES VOGT BITS LES VOGT BITSMouthpiece Level 1: Snaf e Shank Level 4: 8-3/4Gag Length: 7/8 Mouthpiece Level 4: 1/4 square bars with loose open port centerSnaf e mouthpiece combined with easyGag Length: Unlimitedleverage and limited gag encourages lateralexion and suppleness. Great forThe unlimited gag slide action with high lift fundamental training in younger horses. leverage encourages hindquarter engagement and weight distribution with hip and shoulder control. A. LVBB7 Compete to win at a high level on a broke horse.$79.99F. LVBB12118 6-1/2" Shank O Ring Snae $79.99 119Shank Level 2: 6-1/2Mouthpiece Level 1: Ring toggle snaf eGag Length: 1-1/8Smooth ring toggle mouthpiece with medium leverage and gag encourages rate, lateral bend, and poll control. Provides lift for intermediate horses.B. LVBB8$79.99'