b'Premium Rope Halter Premium Lead RopePLAY TO WIN PLAY TO WIN100% marine quality polyester isDouble braided polyester cover UV resistant and colorfast and core with leather popperHigh-tenacity durablebersFirm yetexible, allowing excellent are ultra low stretch control with virtually no stretchBlack Sizes: Small, Average Weighted feel for increased sensitivityColored Size: Average Colorfast and UV resistant coatingHALTERA LEAD99$31.99$39.99LEAD14 Premium Rope Halter $49.99 14with LeadPremium Rope Halter with 9 Premium Lead RopeBlackSize: AverageBLACK TAN HALTERLEADBKA $54.99BLACKCAMO TURQUOISESolid Halter with Lead Premium Longe LineMade of durable, pliable UV-resistant nylon Longe line with leather popper and bull snapPermanent knots at noseband and throatlatch Firm yetexible, allowing excellent Attached 9 lead control with virtually no stretchHALTER23 Weighted feel for increased sensitivity$19.99 Colorfast and UV resistantBlackLEAD23SBK23 $69.99HALTERS HALTERS138 139BLACK CHARCOAL CHOCOLATE TANTURQUOISE NAVY MERLOT BLACK'