b'Bridle Hanger Bucket StrapsPLAY TO WIN PLAY TO WINChoose from four or six hooks for bridles Made of nylon webbing with an aluminum Metal coated with plastic so it wont rust snap and holds up to 150 lbsFits standard railing Makes hanging buckets and other items a snapBRIDLEHANGER4 HOOK Size: 1 x 26$19.99 BUCKSTP12BRIDLEHANGER6BK6 HOOK $4.85 $23.994 HOOK 6 HOOKNEWBottle Hanger Feed ScoopHolds two 32oz bottles fory spray,Con dently feed the correct detangler, shampoo, conditioner, or water amount without guessingFits over most standard stall fronts and panels Offers precise pound measurements for Durable metal construction pellets, sweet feeds and oats, accounting Helps keep your barn organized for their differences in volumeBOTTLEHANGER Made of durable plastic$14.99 Handle makes for easy scooping from the bin and transfer to the feederFEEDSCOOP$5.99BARN & TRAILER BARN & TRAILERBody Brush Equine Measuring Tape NEWGoat hair bristles Made like a standard measuring tape, Wooden body with soft handle tracking in hands and inchesSize: 8-1/2 x 3-1/2 Durable construction means itll hold up in the CEBRUSHBBL4P barn, in a grooming tote, or in your trailer$14.99 EMTAPE150 $12.99 151'