b'NEWEar Plugs Slick Tail BagPLAY TO WIN PLAY TO WINSoft, molded foam is textured toKeeps your horses tail off the ground help the ear plug stay in place and protected from damageEasily moldable tot in the ear Tail stays clean and protected from breakageTwo pairs Quick and easy to use with Spandex tiesSizes: Medium (4 cm), Large (4-1/2 cm) Lightweight, durable, water-repellant materialCEEP Size: 27 long$19.99 CETB24BK$12.99Tail Rubber Bands Tail BagSecure tail knots and tail braids Protects braided tails and keeps them cleanPack of 50 Self-ties for securityRBANDSTAIL Heavy four-way stretch spandex $3.99 with great reboundSize: 24 longCETBBK$14.99BARN & TRAILER BARN & TRAILERNEWTail Bands Rasp Hoof PickSecure tail braids Sustainability meets functionalityMade of stretch jersey that preventsA repurposed farrier rasp makes this hoof pick hair pulling and breakage stylish and gritty, so it holds up to everyday usePack of 100 Easilyts in your pocket or any TBAND groom tote for quick access152$29.99 HOOFPICKR24 153BLACK $15.99BROWN'