b'Harness with Blood KnotsHarness leather with blood knotsTHE COMPANY COWBOYS KEEP THE COMPANY COWBOYS KEEP2 Steer Roper Breastcollar EE. BC200SRHBK $169.99Harness Harness with Blood KnotsHarness leather Harness leather with blood knots2 Steer Roper Breastcollar 1-3/4 Breastcollar FA. BC200SRH F. BC134HRBK $129.99 $159.99AWrapped Harness Harness with Rosettes and StringsHarness leather with latigo wrap Harness leather with latigo rosettes and strings G3 Steer Roper Breastcollar 2 Breastcollar KB. BCW3SRH G. BC2WHRSB$179.99 $179.99BREASTCOLLARS BREASTCOLLARSWrapped Harness Pulling CollarHarness leather with latigo wrap Natural roughout leather168 C 2-3/4 Breastcollar 2-1/4 Pulling Collar 169C. BCW234BH H. PC214ROD$199.99 $199.992 Breastcollar HD. BCW200H $169.99'