b'THE COMPANY COWBOYS KEEP THE COMPANY COWBOYS KEEPWrapped Quilted StampNatural roughout leather with Quilted stamp.4 Steer Roper BreastcollarBC4SRNTQ $219.99Ken BraySilver Dots: Chocolate Floral DotsNEW Chocolate roughout leather with silver dots. Chocolate roughout leather with embossed 1 Breastcollaroral spots and nickel oxidized dots.BC10024CHROSD 1-1/2 BreastcollarBC15021EFSCR$139.99 $149.99BREASTCOLLARS BREASTCOLLARSNEW Silver Dots: Exotic Rope Edged DotsExotic leather with silver dots. Chocolate skirting leather with rope 1 Breastcollar edged antiqued copper dots.172 BC10024EXD 1 Breastcollar 173BC10021REACCS$139.99 $139.99'