b'Natural MohairA Mohairbers stay soft and pliable. 3 style has 27 THE COMPANY COWBOYS KEEP THE COMPANY COWBOYS KEEPstrands, 2 style has 13 strands. We use only real Bbers which naturally vary in color and appearance.3 BreastcollarA. BC300MOHAIR $199.992 BreastcollarB. BC2MOHAIR$149.99 Mohair & Alpaca Mix Wither StrapsMohair and alpacabers stay soft andI. BCWSNTSONATURAL SKIRTINGpliable. 3 style has 27 strands, 2 style hasJ. BCWSCSSOCHESTNUT SKIRTINGC 13 strands. We use only realbers whichK. BCWSCHSOCHOCOLATE SKIRTING I JD naturally vary in color and appearance. L. BCWSCHROCHOCOLATE ROUGHOUT3 Breastcollar M. BCWSNATURAL HARNESSC. BC300MA$29.99$199.99 2 BreastcollarD. BC2MA $149.99Colored Mohair Breastcollar Tugs K L M27 strands of mohairbers that stay softN. Center Tugand pliable. We use only realbers whichTUG321 X 24 $37.99naturally vary in color and appearance.3 Breastcollar O. Natural SkirtingE. BC300MOHAIRPRNTPURPLE / NATURAL TUGS36N1 X 36 $26.99E F. BC300MOHAIRBKBLACK TUGS321 X 24 $29.99G. BC300MOHAIRBKNTBLACK / NATURAL TUGS243/4 X 24 $25.99BREASTCOLLARS BREASTCOLLARSH. BC300MOHAIRTQBKTURQUOISE / BLACK P. Chestnut SkirtingF$199.99 TUGS36C1 X 36 $26.99TUG32C1 X 24 $29.99Q. Chocolate SkirtingTUGS36CH1 X 36 $26.99 N O P Q R SG R. Natural HarnessTUGH321 X 24 $29.99TUGH243/4 X 24 $26.99174 S. Latigo 175H TUGL361 X 36 $26.99TUGL321 X 24 $25.99TUGL243/4 X 24 $22.99'