b'Flat Braid Halter Bit GuardENJOY THE RIDE ENJOY THE RIDEHigh quality halter made ofat braided UVPrevents soreness and provides comfort. Long resistant, color fast material. It wont stretch,lasting protection against pinching ensures stiffen or become brittle. Durable and strong,improved performance. Made of water resistant, yet soft and lightweight. 9 lead included. nontoxic rubber with a simple hook-and-loop closure that makes installation a snap.HTR-BMTH $32.99 CG-BLA$4.99BLACK WHITE BROWN COPPER Horse HelmetHelps prevent head injury while traveling or trailer loading and unloading. Adjustable elastic straps quickly snap onto the halter. Large ear holes, hospital quality felt and extra foam padding at the poll. Black.GOLD MARDI GRAS PURPLE PINK HH-BLA $32.99HORSE & DOG ACCESSORIES HORSE & DOG ACCESSORIESBLUE NAVY GREENKnotless Halter Bandage / Ship BootHigh quality, weather resistant rope is ingeniouslyThe unique elastic with hook-and-loop closure interwoven for a smooth transition at the nose,system provides an adjustable yet non-bindingt throat and cheeks. This design reduces pressurethat makes wrapping easier. Ideal for post workout, and abrasion, helping to eliminate discomfortovernight stabling, shipping, turnout, or over and missing hair. Sturdy tri-weave will not slip.liniment. Wash in cold water, air dry. Pair. Black.Includes halter and 9 lead with popper. Black. Sizes: 12, 14, 16246 HTR-KL-H 247$19.99 BBA $59.99'