b'No Bow Bandage Ear PlugsENJOY THE RIDE ENJOY THE RIDETraditional cotton and foam to aid in wrappingFoamwithout damaging the leg. Use with polo wrapsSoft, comforting Cashel foam is molded tot safely inFOAM NO STRINGfor treatment or prevention of injury. Use overyour horses ears. These cushion ear plugs are easy to liniment or as directed by your veterinarian. White. insert and help comfort your horse by muf ing the noises Sizes: Small (12), Medium (14),of clipping, bathing, trailering, trail riding, and showing.Large (16), X-Large (18) Sizes: Small, Medium, LargeNBB EP-IIWITH STRING $29.99 $16.99EPNNO STRING FOAM WITH STRING$15.99Round FoamSoft, molded foam is textured to keep the ear plug in place. Easily moldable tot in the ear. Two pair.Sizes: Medium (4 cm), Large (4.5 cm)CEEP ROUND FOAMHock Sock $19.99This all-in-one bandage has hook-and-loop closuresSheepskinwith elastic that allows you to vary the tensionMade of 100% sheep wool with a soft foam core and helps keep your bandage in place. Use overto maximize muf ing of sound. Comfortable feel medication or with liniment. Washable. Black. that stays in place. Connected with a 28 cord.Size: 13 h x 21 cir. SHEEPSKINSize: MediumBHS-BLA-H EP-SS-M $54.99$32.99Dog LeashHORSE & DOG ACCESSORIES HORSE & DOG ACCESSORIESThe braided dog leash comes in handy at home, on the trail and at the rodeo or horse show. It has a convenient loop to hold, and the slipknot end is adjustable tot almost any dogs neck.Size: 9 LongSA-DLStall Sore Boot $13.99A simple solution for horses bruising and developing pressure sores on the foreleg from being down with medical conditions or stalled on hard surfaces. Helps protect sores from aggravation for faster healing. Neoprene exterior, softeece lining, and open back. Adjustable straps allow 248 the boot tot a wide range of leg sizes. Black. 249Sizes: Medium, LargeSSB-BLAMEDIUM$41.99BLACK BROWN PURPLESSB-BLA-LLARGE $43.99BLUE GREEN'