b'Leather SkidPLAY TO WIN PLAY TO WINPreferred by PRCA World Champion Joe BeaverNo-turn rolls ensure propert and prevent shiftingChap and latigo leather lined with foam for comfortNeolite skid cup and stainless steel buckles for durabilitySize: StandardLSB200N $109.99Performance SkidPreferred by Andrea Fappani and Todd BergenSpeci cally designed for reining horses, with great protection for any disciplineHermann Oak harness leather is lined with foam for comfort, durability and resiliency in extreme conditionsNeolite skid cup and stainless steel buckles for durabilitySize: Standardphoto: 4 Bar CPSB200B$159.99 HAVEN MEGEDWorld Champion Tie Down RoperPROTECTIVE BOOTS PROTECTIVE BOOTSNFR Average ChampionLeather Splint Pro Reiner SkidPreferred by AQHA World ChampionsProtects the performance horse from injuries Jay Wadhams and JD Yates caused by sliding stop maneuversMaximum protection to the splint and sesamoid Extensively tested for durability, comfort andtProtective shield guards againstProvides complete fetlock protection and no-rubtcross re and over reach injuries Outer shell is made from a full grain American 44 Chap leather body is lightweight,cowhide specially treated to remain soft and pliable 45durable and comfortable Skid cup shaped and positioned to make contact Sizes: Small, Medium, Large with the ground in the center of the cup and LSB100B proven to withstand the coarsest ground conditionsTwo easy on/off double closures secure $159.99the boot close to the horses fetlockSize: StandardPRSB202CHOCOLATE NATURAL$132.99'