b'Kid Felt ContourFlex PLAY TO WIN PLAY TO WINMade with orthopedic grade felt designedWool felt top absorbs shockfor use under smaller kids saddles Antibacterial, antifungal closed cell foam bottomSoft and contoured with cutout over withersCut out over withers and contoured tot to naturally conform to the horses back the horses back with a split design that Disperses pressure, diffuses heat,allows the pad to move with the horseand wicks away moisture CCF3403/431 X 325/8 total pad thickness$229.99KSFP25-1/2 X 26 CCF1001-1/431 X 32 $99.99 $239.99 Felt Liner ContourPedic Reiner1/4 felt, contoured to follow1/8 wool felt topthe horses natural shape Antifungal, antibacterial 1/2 Keeps expensive saddle padsclosed cell foam bottomclean and extends their life Sleek, re ned design to be used Helps absorb moisture under foam pads alone or under a show blanketFL-WE-1/4-M31 X 33 Cut out over withers and contoured tot$34.99 the horses back with a split design that allows the pad to move with the horse5/8 total pad thicknessCOPRCB 31 X 32 $159.99SADDLE PADS SADDLE PADSPerformance Trainer ContourPedic 1/8 wool felt topHeavy duty canvas top ensures durability Antibacterial, antifungal 3/4 3/4 wool felt center provides excellentclosed cell foam bottomprotection against shock Cut out over withers for a closert to the saddle100% merinoeece bottom wicks moisture and provides maximum comfort to the horses back Contoured tot the horses back, with a split design that allows the 68 Contoured design providespad to move with the horse 69comfort and an event 7/8 total pad thicknessBLACK PTP231 X 32 COP300CB30 X 30 SQUARE$109.99COP100CB31 X 32 $199.99CCBPBK ROUND $189.99BROWN ROUND'