In 1996, Classic Equine was founded with the goal of better protection and more selection for the equine athlete. Whether you need leg protection in the toughest competition, a saddle pad to evenly distribute pressure, a hay bag designed for easy-feeding or some organization for your barn and trailer, we have you covered.

World Champion Hailey Kinsel uses Classic Equine products
The Legacy2 comes in various colors and patterns
World Champion Team Roper Paul Eaves uses Classic Equine products


It has always been our goal to offer products with the performance horse’s safety and well-being as the first and foremost priority. From the beginning, we have worked with top competitors and trainers in every discipline to develop and test equipment to meet specific functions and purposes. Once we have a product we believe in, we send it those trainers and competitors who send feedback to make it even better. What makes us different from other companies is our employees are horse owners and horse lovers, many competing themselves. Because of this, every Classic Equine product you find has been tested extensively to ensure the product meets our high standards and more importantly, our horses’ high standards. By the time any Classic Equine item is released to the public, you can count on that product to perform at the highest standard.

Caleb Smidt winning the Calgary Stampede using Classic Equine boots and saddle pad

Classic Equine constantly strives to create new products and improve on the ones we already have. As time goes on and technology advances, we are able to find new ways to help you accomplish your goals. We appreciate feedback from our consumers, and we strive to find new ways to meet your every need. As horse lovers, we understand how much value an equine partner has, and we want to do everything we can to protect your four-legged teammates. We hope Classic Equine is a name you can trust for every equine-related need and we are proud to offer what we believe are the best products in the industry.